Bihor's martyrs. Ioan Ciordaș and Nicolae Bolcaș

We invite schools from Oradea and Bihor County to participate in the educational project “Bihor’s Martyrs. Ioan Ciordaș and Nicolae Bolcaș”. The project is being carried out during March 2023 at the Oradea City Museum section of the Țării Crișurilor Museum. We will presen the exhibition 145 years since the birth of the martyr Ioan Ciordaș, made in collaboration with the Beiuș Municipal Museum. The exhibition consists of photographs, documents and objects that belonged to the martyrs Dr. Ioan Ciordaș and Dr. Nicolae Bolcaș.

Remembering the spring of 1919, we dedicate the month of March to the memory of the Beiuș martyrs Dr. Ioan Ciordaș and Dr. Nicolae Bolcaș, in whose memory the Beiuș Monument was made. They are models of social-political behaviour appreciated even today through the evocations of their actions. Presenting to the students the activity of the martyrs, we will guide them to represent their image, national feeling or destiny in an artistic or literary composition, which in April 2023 will be presented in the exhibition.

The exhibition can be visited between 09:00 and 17:00. The visit fee is 5 lei/person. For appointments, please call 0771/741331.