Exhibition “FROM BIHOR TO NEW YORK. Designer Dorin Negrău’s clothes in dialogue with costumes from the Țării Crișurilor Museum’s collection”   The Țării Crișurilor Museum (no. 1/A Armatei Române Street), the temporary exhibition hall of the Ethnography Department, third floor Curator: Simona Bala, PhD, curator at the Ethnography Department of the Țării Crișurilor Museum The exhibition is the result of a partnership between the museum from Oradea and designer Dorin Negrău. It presents a series of traditional Romanian outfits, from the patrimony of the Țării Crișurilor Museum, along with contemporary garments, having ornaments of traditional inspiration, made by Dorin Negrău, the only Romanian designer included in the prestigious fashion event, the New York Fashion Week. The exhibition will remain open for the public until September 10, 2023. You are welcome!