Interior Steps

Starting with the 13th of November the public can see an exhibition showing the most important works made by artist Kerekes Gyöngyi, member of the Plastic Artists Union in Bihor. Entitled „Interior Steps”, the exhibition includes 69 creations made in various techniques – installations and drawings made with watercolours, coloured ink or acrylic paint.

„Interior Steps” brings together five cycles of creation covering the entire artistic career of the artist, made between 188 and 1991. It is a period of artistic youth and self-discovery through childhood memories when, as the artist herself says, “nature began to fascinate me so much: the sky, the earth, the wind, the rain, the plants, the flowers, the colours… I felt instinctively their greatness, the sublime”.

The second cycle, entitled “The Search for Equilibrium” extends on a period between 1992 and 1994 when the artist used symbols in order to express eternal human themes, a period of “ great release; I was living my freedom in the plastic space of the drawing paper”.

“The Book of Changes”, the third cycle, between 1997 and 1999 brings in new themes and ways of expression.

“Spiritual Gardens – Irises” covers the period between 2000-2017, where irises appear in most of the artist’s works and become symbols of eternity.

„Interior Steps”, made in 2020 is composed of five parts. The compositions start from a darker, deeper, dramatic chromatic and they become gradually lighter. The artist wanted to express her approach throughout her entire creation, going through the dramatic feelings of life and the desire for ascension, light, peace, serenity.

Kerekes Gyöngyi was born in Târgu Mureș and after finishing her studies she moved to Oradea where she still lives and works. She graduated from „Ion Andreescu” Fine Arts Institute in Cluj-Napoca and since 1992 she is a member of the Graphic Artists Association in Hungary. Her career was thriving since the beginning and her works were selected for over 24 group exhibitions in Romania and other 20 exhibitions abroad – Hungary, Poland, Corea, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy etc.

„Interior Steps” can be seen at the museum until January 2021.