Crisia yearbook is the publication of the History Department of “Tara Crisurilor” Museum. The purpose of this magazine is to publish the history and archeology research results through studies and materials referring to Bihor County, bringing an important contribution to the Transylvanian historiography.

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Biharea yearbook is the publication of the Ethnography and Art Departments of “Tara Crisurilor” Museum. Since its first issue in 1973, studies and articles dealing with aspects of country culture and civilization from Tara Crisurilor have been published.



Nymphaea, Folia Naturae Bihariae, year book is the publication of the Natural Sciences Department of “Tara Crisurilor” Museum. It was founded by prof. Dr. Sever Dumitraşcu, the then director of the museum. After the issuing of 10 volumes, during 1973-1982, its publication has been stopped and retaken only in 1991. Among the topics the specialists speak about are botany, zoology, geology, paleontology, speology and environment protection but also problems related to the management of museum’s patrimony. The number of its partners has reached nowadays 150, from our country and abroad, a reason for which resumes in a circulation language accompany each article.