The „Ady Endre” Memorial Museum nominated for the EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR 2020  prize

„Ady Endre” Memorial Museum, under the management of the ”Țării Crișurilor” Museum is nominated  for the EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR 2020  prize in the competition organised by the Association of Hungarian Museums in Budapest.

This prestigious competition was attended by 12 museums from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia: the Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs, Hungary, with the exhibition The First Villages – The Lost Neolithic World of Southern Transdanubia; Košice National Museum, Slovakia, with the Márai Sándor Memorial Exhibition; The Déri Museum in Debrecen, Hungary, with the exhibition The Kagan Rider or the rebirth of an Avar armoured horseman; Budapest Historical Museum – Kiscelli Museum in Budapest, Hungary, with the exhibition Glow! Fashion and glamor; Hungarian Museum of Environmental Protection and Water Management, with the exhibition The Water Museum; Tarii Crisurilor Museum Complex Oradea, with the exhibition of the “Ady Endre” Memorial Museum: “Look, I found myself!”. Ady Endre and Oradea; Hungarian National Gallery – Art Museum, Budapest, Hungary, with the exhibition every past is my past#twentiethcentury#private#fortepan; Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary, with the exhibition Clara – Rothschild Klára the fashion queen behind the iron curtain; Open Air Ethnography Museum, Szennai Skanzen, Hungary, with the exhibition The Land of Stories – Visual Gallery; National Evangelical (Lutheran) Museum, Hungary, with the exhibition Who are the Saxons from Szepes? The identity of the Saxons in Szepes County; Topolya Museum, Serbia, with the exhibition Once Upon a Theatre… and the Museum of Outdoor Ethnography, Szentendre, Hungary, with the exhibition 51 Months.

After the selection “Ady Endre” Memorial Museum made it to the second phase of the competition.

We would like to remind you “Ady Endre” Memorial Museum in Oradea reopened in February this year and that its exhibition was organised in collaboration with Bihor County Council, the Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest and the Association of Hungarian Writers’ Memorial Houses.

According to the press release received from the Hungarian Museums Association, the prizes will be presented during an event scheduled for September 26th, at the National Museum in Budapest, where all competitors are invited to participate.