The natural sciences exhibition

The exhibition starts in the Time tunnel that presents the evolution of life since Precambrian, when the first living creatures appeared on Earth and extends to the Holocene, until the appearance of the first humans, over 200000 years ago. Authentic fossils from various time frames discovered on the territory of Bihor County and other brought from Europe, North America, South America and Madagascar are displayed. The second part of the exhibition, the palaeontology-geology one, is an interactive space where you can see how a palaeontology lab looks like, you can turn the time wheel 650 million years back to see the changes of the continents’ position, of the World Ocean’s level, the temperature and the duration of a day. The exhibition displays a mammoth skeleton discovered in Oradea, a small-scale reconstruction of a prehistorical whale, fragments of dinosaur skeletons discovered in Bihor and a 3D animation meant to create a vivid and truthful image of the mammoths. Going deeper, into the third area, the biology one, the visitor can admire a few dioramas presenting the habitat specific to each of the animals being displayed, some of which are extinct. The exhibition ends in a cave where the complete skeleton of a cave bear is exhibited. We recommend you browse through the contents on the touchscreens to find out more information about the exhibition and its exhibits.