Artist Carmen Marin for the first time in a museum in Romania

Țării Crișurilor Museum organizes artist Carmen Marin’s painting exhibition entitled DOR opening on Friday, November 5th, 2021, at 12.00 o’clock, at the Țării Crișurilor Museum on Str. Armatei Române Street no.1/A.

Carmen Marin graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, the painting department in 2000. She was a student of Professor Stefan Câlția. Carmen Marin stood out ever since she was a student, in both personal and group exhibitions, in Romania and abroad. She was actively involved in the preparations for the permanent exhibition „Memorialul durerii” from Sighet, worked at the restoration of the Greek Church of the Annunciation in Bucharest. Her constant presence in the artistic national and international world led to her first international recognition, the Art Award, in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2004.

She lives and works in Bucharest and New York and has a rich collaboration with many important galleries in Europe and the U.S. Her pictures can be found in famous collections around the world.

The 50 artworks in this exhibition, made in the last two years, are supported by a deep artistic vision and a vigorous concept. They speak about a state of mind, an inner reality populated by anthropomorphous trees, humanised angles, figures and archetypal characters.

The exhibition can be visited until february the 12th, 2022.