I am an artist and I care

The Museum of the Crişurilor county Oradea – Museum complex launches the challenge of preschoolers, primary school, secondary school and high school students to participate with the class in an artistic creation contest and, at the same time, to learn to be ecological.  Through this educational program, schools in Oradea, Bihor County and beyond are encouraged to carry out their activity in   the Altfel School and Green week one of the museum objectives of our institution: The Museum of the Crişurilor country, the Museum of Oradea or the Memorial Museums “Aurel Lazăr”, “Iosif Vulcan” and “Ady Endre”.

Conditions of participation : The classes who wish to enter the competition must visit one of the above-mentioned museums, during Școala altfel and Săptămâna verde, and during the visit, the coordinating teacher must declare the intention to participate in this program by registering the respective class at the ticket office.  Students will choose an exhibit of the visited museum and reproduce it from ecological materials, resulting in a collective work.  The photo of the paper has to sent to the e-mail pedagogiemuzeala@mtariicrisurilor.ro, along with the acceptance to be published on Facebook and a brief description of the materials used, the name of the school and the class.  The works will be brought for judging at the headquarters of the Cris County Museum (Str. Armatei Române nr. 1A) until May 12.

The selection will be made by a specialized jury, which will award a prize and two mentions in each category, and the public will award, also by categories, popularity prizes, which will be for creations with the most votes (likes) on the museum’s Facebook page.

Deployment period of the contest:

Visiting the museum: March 2nd, 2023 – May 3rd 2023;

Submission of artworks: 10th of March 2022 – 10th May 20023;

Publication of works on Facebook: 12 May 2023;

The period in which the public can like their favorite works: 12-21 May 2023;

Announcement of results on Facebook: May 26, 2023.

The award ceremony will take place on the 1st of June at the Cris country Museum, when the creations will be exhibited.

For more information please call, mrs. Lavinia Ungureanu, public Relations and exhibitions museographer on 0742.054.686