The Taranterra Project

Lovers of exotic species can now visit an exhibition dedicated exclusively to “giants” of the spiders’ world. Starting December 9th, 2020, the Vivarium will host the exhibition The Taranterra Project, showing 55 live tarantulas in their natural habitats, belonging to 50 species on the four continents. The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between the museum and two young collectors from Oradea and it is open to the public until the summer of next year, during which time it will be constantly be enriched.

One of the initiators of this unique exhibition project, Bogdan Biriș, explains how he became a collector of the largest spiders in the world: it all started this spring and it was related to my arachnophobia (fear of spiders) that almost turned into an obsession. I was advised by someone who managed to overcome this problem and, on his advice I bought my first spider in March – a tarantula. Then, everything went almost naturally, and now I have over 80 specimens of 60 species and I intend to grow my collection. They are very interesting animals, and even if their appearance generates, unfoundedly, great fear, they are totally harmless, more than that, they are rather useful to humans. Currently, arachnophobia is the most widespread phobia after the fear of the dark – acluophobia – and I wish I could do something about it, so that those who suffer from the fear of spiders are no longer tormented by this phobia and can overcome it. That’s why I initiated this exhibition “, says Bogdan Biriș.

Bogdan shares his passion for tarantulas with Andrei Lazăr, and together they laid the foundations of what they call “an educational project”, called “The Taranterra Project”. You can read more about it on, a site designed to capture the attention of children and young people and, through the information provided and the presentation of traveling exhibitions of tarantulas in schools, it intends to prevent and combat the development of arachnophobia.

The exhibition will be shown in the Vivarium for six months. During this time – the two collectors promise – the number of spiders will be constantly enriched and it will reach over 100 specimens, representing more than 80 species from around the world. The Taranterra Project is the first exhibition in Oradea that presents exclusively tarantulas and, as say the initiators say, is the largest of its kind in the country, both in terms of the number of specimens and the diversity of species.

The ticket price, which includes the tarantula exhibition and the Vivarium, is 6 lei for adults and 3 lei for children over 4 years, pupils, students and retired. Entrance is free for children up to 4 years old, children from social assistance centers, people with disabilities, current workers and retired from the national museum network.